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Young Scientist Awards5 recipients, certificate & a HUAWEI ultrabook
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Five researchers (not including invited speakers and students) will be selected for the Young Scientist Awards. To be eligible for the award, the researchers must be born after Aug.5, 1979 and the first author of the paper and register to give the oral presentation at the conference by himself/herself. The selection will be made by the TPC during the conference. Each awardee will receive a certificate of award and a HUAWEI ultrabook as prize.


Best Student Paper Award10 recipients, certificate & a HUAWEI Pad 
Any full-time university student, who is the first author as well as the presenting author of a paper submitted  with choosing presentation type of "Oral for Best Student Paper Award"will be eligible for this award. Ten winners will be selected by the ICOCN'2019 Technical Program Committee and invited to attend the conference banquet and award ceremony.Each awardee will receive a certificate of award and a HUAWEI Pad as prize.

本次会议将评选十名“优秀学生论文奖“,报告人需为论文第一作者且缴费注册,提交论文时选择"Oral for Best Student Paper Award"报告类型。奖项由程序委员会评选,获奖学生奖获颁证书和奖品(华为平板电脑)。

Best Poster Award15 recipients, certificate & a HUAWEI cellphone 

All the accepted and registed poster papers are eligible for and automatically involved in the Best Poster Award competition, no matter whether the authors like it or not, but pre-conference shortlist will be carried out based on the peer-review results by TPC/invited reviewers. The shortlisted posters presented during the assigned time slot and win the first fifteen largest number of “Best Poster Award” vote tickets will be given the Best Poster Award.  Certificates and prizes (a HUAWEI cellphone) will be presented to the winners in the award ceremony during the conference banquet.



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